Your mental wellbeing companion, always in your pocket.

More than just a mindfulness app, we help employees manage their mental wellbeing no matter where they are.

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Here’s how it works

Our app was built to do two things: to deliver proactive mental wellbeing support to your employees and to make your job easier (so you can continue to do the amazing things you do). Let’s show you how...

Easy setup for you and your employees

Available through the App store, you and your employees simply install the Everymind app and complete a 5 minute onboarding questionnaire.

All of the responses remain anonymous but are fed into your business dashboard showing the aggregate scores of wellbeing across your business.

Check your Everymind scores to see how you’re doing

As you complete your wellbeing questionnaires, the responses are assessed against 5 key areas of mental wellbeing. You can then review your Everymind scores to see where you’re doing well and where you might need support.

All of our assessments are 100% backed by accredited psychologists and clinicians.

Receive personalised content based on your responses

We all have different wellbeing needs and so the app was built with this in mind. We provide personalised content to your employees based on their questionnaire responses, ensuring the support they receive is relevant to what they need right now.

Join our online wellbeing sessions whenever you need to

We run a range of mental wellbeing sessions every month to support you and your employees. You’ll also be notified of each upcoming session via the app which makes it easy for everyone to know what’s happening and how to join.

This extra support layer gives your employees external support that they can trust.

Get access to critical support if it’s ever needed

Even though we take a proactive approach to mental health, we also know that sometimes people need that helping hand. Therefore our app helps signpost your employees to 24/7 SMS and phone support quickly.

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Get your everyone in the business bought in with our free trial

You want to see how it fits your business and employees first - we understand that. That’s why we offer you a trial so you can learn more about us and explore the full potential of the Everymind app.

An extensive library of mental wellbeing support

With the app, your, employees have on-demand access to hundreds of videos, articles and podcasts across every area of mental wellbeing.

This means that they can find support quickly and have a place that they know supports their wellbeing needs as they change.

Customised to your business to support employee experience

If needed, we can customise the app to your business. That’s essentially what you get with Everymind, as we work with you on branding our app to your organisation.