We're your partner.
Not just another service provider.

Wave goodbye to reactive mental health initiatives by welcoming in our proactive approach. Driven by unique experiences and stories, we support you through our virtual workshops, wellbeing webinars, awareness campaigns, our wellbeing app and much more, helping you keep employees feeling happy, healthy and productive. Here's everything you have to look forward to...

Your 12-month wellbeing roadmap

We give you a personal roadmap that helps coordinate your wellbeing initiatives and awareness days across the year. Plus, we provide ready-to-go, clinically backed wellbeing resources and comms for these activities, ensuring you’re resourced to support your employees.

Your roadmap includes all of the training workshops, webinars and check-ins you’re running with us, keeping everything in one place.

“I love the humanistic-approach we've adopted as Wellbeing Business Consultants at Everymind at Work. Our mission is to build solid connections with our partners by understanding their needs to provide them with the best support we can.”
Rakelle Maurici
Wellbeing Business Consultant

Your Wellbeing Business Consultant

Simply think of your Wellbeing Consultant as another member of your team. They will support you every step of the way by sending you key resources, providing quarterly consultations and getting wellbeing webinars and training booked in.

Our Consultants are also on hand to answer any of your workplace wellbeing questions, there’s no need to feel out of your depth anymore.

Webinars that touch the hearts and minds of your employees

Our wellbeing webinars help employees address areas of concern and are shaped by powerful stories from our speakers. We cover a wide range of wellbeing topics from resilience to nutrition to financial wellbeing (currently offering 20+ webinars).

Plus, we run anonymous polling in our sessions to uncover how employees are feeling and manage everything including hosting the session and providing comms.

Training workshops that truly make a difference

Our online training workshops cover key areas for improving workplace wellbeing including resilience training, management training and Champion training. Our interactive sessions are designed to engage employees, ensuring they walk away with the right skills and knowledge.

All training workshops are evidence-based and reviewed by our Head of Psychology and practicing Clinical Psychologist, Lauren Callaghan.


"We see Everymind at Work as an extended part of our wellbeing team. A partner who truly cares for our colleagues as if they were their own. There is definitely a cultural shift on the horizon and as a business, we are committed to doing our part."

Rebekah Smallwood

Society Engagement Manager, The Midcounties Co-operative


"Everymind at Work's person-centered approach was a huge sell for us. The best thing about them, is the people that work for them! Plus the easy-to-use app with engaging content and support is relevant, fresh and simple to use".

Kelly Osborne

Head of Health and Wellbeing, Wates

Create Everymind Champions across your business

Creating Everymind Champions in your business is absolutely crucial. These are employees who are passionate about mental health and wellbeing, helping you to break down stigma and ensure you’re not the only one promoting wellbeing in the business.

We’ll train and support your Champions so they can offer ongoing support to colleagues and drive initiatives that improve workplace mental health. Explore our free Everymind Champion Course to learn more!

The Everymind at Work wellbeing app

More than just a mindfulness app, employees can access wellbeing support and better understand their wellbeing through our clinically-backed questionnaires. 

Give your employees on-demand access to hundreds of videos, articles and podcasts covering every area of wellbeing, helping them to find the right support in the moment.

A proactive approach to employee wellbeing

It’s incredibly hard to tackle employee wellbeing on your own. We’re here to change that. We’ve created an evidence-based approach that’s underpinned by clinical psychology so you can deliver the right proactive support to your employees with confidence.

When you become a partner, you’re choosing to be proactive instead of reactive, helping to prevent employees from reaching crisis point in the first place.

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Let's shift to proactive support

Learn more about our approach and explore all of the proactive support we can offer you and your employees in our brochure below!