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Our customers get results

Mundipharma saw 5x engagement in comparison to their existing initiatives.
Wates said 92% of all employees who signed up found our app helped them manage their mental health.
Vita Mojo saw a 12% rise in productivity, 
4 months after offering our app to employees.

How we can help

One app, for all of your mental wellbeing needs

We don’t just focus on mindfulness, instead – we offer the tools and resources needed to help empower your employees right on their personal devices.

No experience is the same

Our technology finds out what each individual employee needs support with, and continues to support them along the way. Call us your mental wellbeing companion, in your pocket.

Custom to your business

Imagine: a mental wellbeing app, custom to your business.
That’s essentially what you get with Everymind, as we work with you on branding our app to your organisation.

24/7, Support

Even though we take a proactive approach to mental health, we also know that sometimes people need that helping hand. Therefore we signpost your employees to 24/7 SMS and Phone support within a single click.

Complementing your existing efforts, not replacing them

Already have an EAP? Already offer something to your employees? No worries. We can embed all of your existing offerings into your app, meaning your employees can access them all via their personal devices rather than struggling to hunt them down via your intranet.

Anonymous reporting and insights

If you try to improve wellbeing without knowing where to start, you’ll end up throwing mud against a wall and hoping that it sticks. We provide you with real time anonymous reports, highlighting your own Everymind score that shows how supported your employees feel and what you can do to improve culture.
The fact this app allows my employees to eduate themselves around mental health, but also support them in times of need, that for me was why it was so powerful
Annika de Friend
Founding Director of Source
As we approach some form of ‘new normal’, I think it will become a key support tool as we go through another big period of change, and having access to Everymind and their analytics will help us adapt the support we give to our workforce.
Annabelle Hemsley
SRLV Accountants
We saw a higher engagement than normal and the data Everymind provide is a great way for us to track and monitor where our employees need extra support with their mental wellbeing.
Anna Triggs

How many employees are in your company?

Imagine having your own mental wellbeing app, custom to your business? That’s essentially what you
get with Everymind, as we work with you on branding our app to your organisation.

colleagues are struggling with some form of mental health issue.
days lost per year due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety.
the annual cost of ill-mental health in the workplace.

Our partnership starts here

Enquire now for a free strategy call and app demo. If you’d like to find out how we can help you transform mental health within your organisation, discovering your own Everymind score – enquire today.

We currently don't offer individual access but we would be happy to discuss working with your employer, just fill out the below and we will take it from there


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