Free resources & support to help you and your employees!

Resources for your employees

We've created a number of resources to help normalise the mental health
conversation in the workplace. Feel free to share these with your employees!

Crisis Intervention: How to Take Action

A short guide on how to take action when you believe someone is in crisis and needs further support.

Ways to Invest In Your Mental Health

An awareness poster highlighting all of the different ways that you can invest in your mental health today!

The Everymind at Work Mental Health Support Directory

More than just a directory, this guide helps those in crisis understand exactly where they can find help and what to expect.

Resources for Employers

Here are some resources to help you support employee wellbeing within your workplace - 365 days a year.

Workplace Mental Wellbeing Risk Assessment Form

The assessment every employer needs! We’ve made the process easy and ready to be tailored to your business.

Wellbeing Ideas That Your Employees Will Love

Many companies struggle with how to support their employees with wellbeing initiatives, so we’ve put together a list of ideas for you!

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Get a free mental health awareness session for your employees, providing advice on how to support their own and others' mental health.

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What you'll get from the session

This session would be hosted by Paul McGregor, Founder of Everymind at Work and mental health campaigner, sharing his own personal experience of mental health to help others understand and improve their own mental health. Paul has delivered this hard-hitting talk to companies such as Lloyds TSB, Warner Bro’s, Ernst & Young, Mercer, Deloitte and more and his work has been featured on Sky News, BBC News, The Huffington Post and more.

An interactive webinar experience

Paul will conduct anonymous polling to spark conversation and capture information on how your employees are feeling. We then give you these insights following the session!

Actionable advice for your employees

Get straight forward and actionable advice to help your employees better manage their mental health.

An impactful personal story that connects with people

Led by Paul's personal experience of mental health, the impact it's had on his life and the lessons he's learned.

How employees can be proactive with their mental health

Learn why the 'reactive' approach to mental health isn't working and how employees can take a more proactive approach.

How to continue the conversation

Help transform your culture and overcome the negative impact of mental health stigma.

Build a mental health toolbox

Teach your employees what it really means to build a personal toolbox that can help them deal with difficult times

A talk that transforms the way your employees see mental health

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Workplace Wellbeing Activity Ideas…

Scratching your head not knowing what to do? Here are 10 suggestions...

  • 1 Have a ‘Tea & Talk’ session where employees are encouraged to take a proper break to chat with their colleagues
  • 2 Provide ‘Good Mood Food’ as healthy snacks on the day (e.g. avocados, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables etc.)
  • 3 Encourage movement – run a virtual exercise session (e.g. yoga) for all employees to take part in
  • 4 Advertise where employees can seek support for mental health using the Everymind at Work Mental Health Support Directory
  • 5 Have a mental health quiz to see how much your employees really know about mental health
  • 6 Run some lunch and learn sessions on understanding mental health and how to improve it
  • 7 Partake in a group challenge or activity for charity – this encourages teamwork whilst doing something for a good cause
  • 8 Run ‘take a break’ sessions with your teams, e.g. a 5-minute stretch at your desk or a team walk
  • 9 Create digital wellbeing packs for your employees, using the resources presented above and on the Everymind at Work website
  • 10 Share a statement about the organisations perspective on mental health – why are you supporting it, why it is important and what you are doing/going to do going forward