HR Professionals Walk + Talk

What: A HR get together to connect with others, discuss wellbeing and absolutely anything else! (plus we’ll grab you a drink when we get back 🥂 )

When: Thursday 8th June 6pm

Where: Cafe Piazzo, Hays Galleria, London Bridge, SE1 2HD

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What you can expect...

We know how tough it is as a HR professional today. That’s why this get-together is all about connecting with others, helping you feel less isolated in the day-to-day struggles and asking for advice for ways to support both yourself and your people. Whether you’re seeking new connections, advice or just wish to end your Thursday with a few friendly faces, you’re very welcome. Here’s what to expect:

  • We’ll all meet at Cafe Piazzo (Hays Galleria) at 6pm, kicking off with a 15 minute meet + greet with Paul McGregor (Founder of Everymind at Work) 
  • We’ll then set off on a short 30 minute walk & talk together, facilitated by Jess Robson (founder of Run Talk Run), James Mace (founder of Walk & Talk 4 Men) and Paul McGregor.
  • We’ll grab you a drink from the buzzing Cafe Piazzo
  • We’ll finish just before 7.30pm, feel free to stick around or head home when you like!

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This HR Professionals Walk + Talk event will be hosted by Paul McGregor, Founder of Everymind at Work and mental health campaigner.