For World Bipolar Day 2021, we're hosting an insightful and inspiring webinar with Dean Clarke.

Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2018, Dean served in the UK army for 8 years and spent time in both Iraq and Afghanistan to which his struggles with mental health began following his return. However, often fronted by toxic masculinity during his battle meant the path leading to his diagnosis, like many others, was masked by other things.
Today, Dean works as a personal trainer and with Bipolar UK as an ambassador. The journey he has been over the years has led him to understand Bipolar Disorder doesn’t define him; it doesn’t rule his life and he can live a life fulfilling his duties as a father, a son and a partner and that opening up and being vulnerable is ok.
Whether you are suffering with Bipolar Disorder, have a loved one who is or would like to join us for this empowering interview with Dean hosted by our founder Paul, sign up below!


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March 30, 2021 At 11:00 AM
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