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Transitioning back to the workplace

It's been a difficult year with remote working, but as a business are you equipped to help employees transition back to the workplace?

10 things every business must know

Discover the 10 things businesses need to do in 2021 to improve mental health in the workplace, with action steps for each.

From 'reactive' to 'proactive'

2021 calls for businesses to stop being reactive with mental health, we highlight a key strategy to do so.

Save time and budget

Stop guessing, we highlight some key evidence based interventions within this guide to save you time, resources and budget.

How to continue the conversation

Fed up with sending communications about mental health and them falling flat? We provide advice on continuing the conversation.

£1 spent, £5 returned

With research showing for every £1 spent on mental health in the workplace businesses saw a £5 return, we help you get results with this guide.

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Fill the form below to get your free book

Fill the form below to get your free book